ARTHOUSE, is an art studio for children in downtown Raleigh, NC. Classes focus on teaching artistic creativity through the combination of sensory stimulation (sound through music, sense of touch, smell, taste and sight). We emphasize on experiencing all senses, while stimulating creativity through various mediums, ranging from watercolor, paint, pastels, pencil and recycled found objects.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.44.01 AMLessons are taught in private small classes by the Director, Kalesia Kuenzel, providing the ability for individual attention to each students interest and skill level, while allowing experimentation with color, shape, texture and composition.

The studio space is located in a newly renovated historic home harmonizing modern architecture within a rehabilitated structure. This allows for an environment where creative self expression can blossom and encourages artwork which each student can be proud of while experiencing a sense of accomplishment. More specifically, the spaces natural light, high ceilings and lively/playful detailing also helps with the creative process.

ARTHOUSE allows children to experiment with self-expression and creates an environment where the boundaries of artistic creativity can constantly be pushed. Through the stimulating atmosphere and projects, students will become confident, independent and creative decision makers.

Through a fresh approach to the study of art, children will be educated on the creative process and taught innovative experiences of visual learning. These lessons spark children's curiosity in shape, color, line, texture, shadow and composition. Furthermore, they imagine freely and adapt to a personal artistic style and vision.

Kalesia Kuenzel, director of ARTHOUSE, has focused her international studies and professional career on teaching creative and artistic expression to children. Kalesia has a master’s degree in Global Innovation Management from Paul Cezanne University in Aix-en-Provence, France with a professional background & bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from NCSU - College of Design.

ARTHOUSE has been a focus of hers throughout her studies and she is eager to motivate and guide young artists in this unique studio space in downtown Raleigh. Through her travels and associations with other artists and designers, she has a fresh perspective to offer young aspiring artists. Kalesia is also a practicing artist and graphic designer who brings her love for children and art education to the studio classes and curriculum.  See Kalesia's work at